• Building Blocks Phonics

    by Barbara McNamara
    20 Lessons
    • Building Blocks Phonics | Online Training - $150.00
    BBP online training

    Building Blocks Phonics is a complete, explicit, systematic phonics curriculum that teaches all 44 sounds of English. The scope and sequence are laid out so that each module builds on the previous module, supporting every new phonetic concept introduced and never asking students to make a leap that they are not prepared to make. In the Building Blocks Phonics online training course, you will sit in on a complete 3-day training session with Barbara McNamara. In the 20 lessons included, all the sounds of English are taught through phonics rules and spelling patterns. Trainees will learn to teach all 44 sounds, word endings, vowel digraphs, silent letter patterns, prefixes, and suffixes by going through the Building Blocks Phonics manual, lesson by lesson, and learning the new phonetic language, some best practice techniques, and how to fit Building Blocks Phonics into existing plans.