A Pioneering Adult Education Curriculum

Building Blocks Phonics enhances existing adult literacy resources with a unique, science of reading-based phonics instruction curriculum.

Due to its systematic and deliberate approach our phonics program has been adopted and implemented by state education departments and nonprofit providers alike.

The Curriculum in a Nutshell

Building Blocks Phonics covers all 44 sounds in English. The curriculum is divided into two components:

  1. Phonic Rules (Modules 1-13)
  2. Spelling Patterns (Modules 14-20)

Manuals are available for instructors and students.

In addition to the structured lesson plans, instructors who teach the Building Blocks Phonics curriculum have access to best teaching practices and guidance on implementing the curriculum into their adult literacy program through an online platform.


Building Blocks Phonics Methodology

Unlike other phonics programs for adults, the Building Blocks Phonics curriculum employs a one-of-a-kind systematic strategy that sets the groundwork for effective learning with long-lasting results.

To start, the curriculum uses an incremental, structured approach to facilitate phonics mastery.

Building Blocks Phonics follows the science of reading formula: RC (reading comprehension) = D (decoding) x LC (language comprehension). We explicitly teach phonemic (identify and manipulate individual sounds) and phonological (identify and manipulate parts of words) awareness with sequentially designed and spiral-reviewed mini lessons on phonics rules and spelling patterns. Designed for large group classroom work, the lessons encourage active learning and conversations about vocabulary and language comprehension (elements of spoken or written language, to include the meaning of words and how words are put together to form sentences). This step-by-step teaching style has proven to boost students’ engagement and involvement in the learning process.


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