Building Blocks Phonics

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What is Building Blocks Phonics?

Building Blocks Phonics is a complete, explicit, systematic phonics curriculum that teaches all 44 sounds of English. The scope and sequence are laid out so that each module builds on the previous module, supporting every new phonetic concept introduced and never asking students to make a leap that they are not prepared to make.

Using the Online Training Website

This page is the home page for your online training. Whenever you are ready to continue your training, you’ll come back to this page to pick up where you left off. All of the lessons in the course are listed below, and you are expected to complete them in order.

In order to pass a lesson and advance to the next, you must score at least an 80% on the quiz for the lesson. You may take the quiz as many times as you like, but you will not have access to the next lesson until you have scored a passing grade.

In the Building Blocks Phonics online training course, you will sit in on a complete 3-day training session with Barbara McNamara. For each of the 20 lessons included you will be expected to:

  1. Study and review the PowerPoint slides.
  2. Watch the accompanying training video (located in the Resources section of each lesson).
  3. Review any additional resources that have been provided.
  4. Take (and pass) the quiz to proceed to the next lesson.

What if I need help?

Your instructor is available by email if you need help understanding the content or navigating the course. Please understand that you won’t get an immediate reply to any emails you send. Your instructor will normally respond within 1 business day.

Instructor Email:

Building Blocks Phonics