Why phonics? Isn’t it old fashioned?

We like to use this analogy: when introducing/teaching multiplication facts, students have a deeper understanding of the concept if they are taught that multiplication is repeated addition. When this information is omitted from the instruction and if students do not make the connection themselves, it can appear as though each answer is arbitrary. When, indeed, there is a clear pattern to multiplication facts. It is easier to learn any material when students have a deep understanding of the individual components.

The same applies to phonics. When students are taught phonics with clear, systematic instruction, when patterns are identified and explained, students no longer must guess when sounding out an unknown word. They confidently analyze the unknown word and successfully read the word.

How long does it take to complete the full curriculum?
The Building Blocks Phonics curriculum is designed to be self-paced and asynchronous, allowing adult learners to progress at their own comfortable pace. There is no set timeframe for completion, though students have access to the online training materials for 55 days. The flexible schedule empowers adults to balance learning with their busy lives.
How long is instructor online training?
It takes approximately 8 hours to work through the online training. Some modules are as short as 10 minutes. There are a handful that are closer to an hour to complete.
Do you have data demonstrating results from organizations currently using the curriculum?
Organizations implementing the Building Blocks Phonics program have achieved remarkable literacy improvements with adult learners. The Greenville Literacy Association reported that, on average, our students gain 52 points on their TABE E test results after six months of instruction.
Can the curriculum be delivered digitally, or does it require printed materials?
BBP’s materials are designed for use in a group setting with instructor interaction. Each adult learner should have their own student manual and each instructor requires their own instructor manual.

If your organization uses a Promethean Board or a Smart Board, a digital copy is available strictly for projecting onto the board for the entire class to see.

Digital student copies and independent work are not supported by the curriculum and do not yield the same success.
How much does the full curriculum cost for both instructors and students?
Online instructor training: $50/instructor

Instructor manual: $100/manual

Student manual: $50/manual

Organizations with larger volume needs who require custom pricing are encouraged to contact us for additional details.