Executive Director, Greenville Literacy Association:

“In 2019, Building Blocks Phonics were kind enough to donate their time for a trial run of phonics classes at GLA’s Greenville Learning Center. The goal was to understand if their innovative methods would translate to the Adult Education classroom. The pilot resulted in remarkable reading gains for our lowest level learners.

We cannot overstate the significance of the results for this group of students that struggled – sometimes for years – to realize educational gains. More importantly, their classroom became a safe-space and community for our students who often came to GLA lacking confidence. These once timid, reserved, and unsure students were suddenly raising their hands to answer questions and eager to go up to the board to fill in answers.

This much-needed boost is a milestone for these students and gives them the tangible proof that they can learn and the opportunity to continue moving forward in their educations. We are thankful to have Building Blocks Phonics as part of the GLA family!”

Student Comments:

“Class with Building Blocks Phonics at GLA have helped me to be more informed, build
connections with people giving me more security of feeling better about myself. Without
reading, you can only go so far.”

“Reading opens doors. I couldn’t help my kids, but I can now read with my grandchildren. God is
good in my life, and I am just now getting what I need. I am connecting with other students,
and we all enjoy learning. We don’t have to be who we used to be. We are growing. Even at
church people’s attitudes have changed. They used to laugh at me when I read at church, now
people help me and give encouragement. I feel more equal to others.”