“This curriculum is well designed for students who need the reasons why letters make the sounds they make. It also helps students understand the different sounds a letter can make. Our language is so hard because a letter can make multiple sounds and this program teaches that and gives practice as well.  The training is very hands on and very helpful for you to implement it in your classroom. They will come to your classroom and model for you the lessons. The lessons are easy to follow and to teach. If you do not have a phonics-based program, I would recommend using Building Blocks Phonics.”
J. Carnie
2nd Grade Public School Teacher, Thomasville City, GA

“Building Blocks Phonics uses a systematic phonics approach to teach a student to read.  The direct instruction helps bridge the gap between present levels and grade level expectations. While I was tutoring, the curriculum helped transform the way my students attempted to decode while increasing their reading interest.  Building Blocks Phonics provided my students with a bank of knowledge helping them problem solve unknown words while creating the confidence they needed to be successful readers.”
M.C. Pettit, M.A.
Special Education Public School Teacher, Greenville, SC

“I was at my breaking point. My son was at his breaking point. Then we found Building Blocks Phonics. My son was 12 and reading at a kindergarten /first-grade level. He hated to even attempt to read and it was a major chaotic meltdown to do a single page of homework or read a few sentences in a book. He had so much anxiety about reading and such a bad self-image because of the years of failed intervention, it literally broke my heart. He started working with the tutors at Building Blocks Phonics 2-3 times a week and with every session, his outlook changed. He was comfortable with them, he made progress step by step, and he started to realize and believe he was not dumb.
After an initial assessment, they explained to him how people learn in different ways and how their program would help his mind process reading and writing better. They started in small steps and built onto the foundation each session. He excelled very quickly and within the first two weeks was already showing incredible improvement. As he continued succeeding, he started studying on his own, reading on his own, and being proud of himself. My son who had never passed a single class in his life was now getting mostly A’s and B’s after two months of tutoring.  We were able to read pages, not sentences, then chapters, then whole books. He jumped many reading grade levels and his school teachers now regularly tell me how they are impressed and how they love watching him use his skills. Many have even shared that they wished they could use the same system in the schools because the current curriculum fails many children and their needs.” 
C. Roberts
Parent, Greenville, SC